eLABInventory Add-ons


eLABInventory Mobile App
Extend the functionality of eLABInventory with the eLABInventory Mobile App. Use the camera in your mobile device to scan barcodes on tube, boxes or equipment to view information, move or achive samples or book lab instruments. Read more
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Label Printers
Connect a DYMO LabelWriter or a Zebra (ZPL) printer to eLABInventory to print labels with 2D barcodes for easy identification. Print labels for samples, sample series, storage compartment, storage units and devices and use the eLABInventory Mobile App or a barcode scanner to display all relevant sample information or view and make reservations for your lab equipment.

Dymo Label Printer
eLabInventory automatically generates static QR-codes and other barcodes for your samples, instruments, and freezers. Install a Dymo LabelWriter 450 and link it to your account to print these barcode labels. Use the elabInventory Mobile App or dedicated eLabScan barcode scanner to scan barcodes and view all relevant information.


2D Barcode Scanners
eLABInventory works with a wide variety of wired or wireless 2D barcode scanners that support the HID interface. Connected to your PC, you will be able to scan your samples and get the information on your screen. In addition, you can update any information by performing one or a series of scans.

Eppendorf RackScan

The Eppendorf RackScan can read complete storage racks with up to 96 different barcoded vials from the bottom. With this add-on the rack scanner software transfers the coded sample IDs directly to eLABInventory. Read more

SafeCode Consumables

SafeCode Consumables
The SafeCode system for Eppendorf CryoStorage Vials is based on a 3-level coding to enable safe sample identifcation. The SafeCode Consumables add-on will show further information about the CryoStorage Vials like lot number, order number, certificates etc. directly in eLABInventory. Read more

Contact us to set up a demo and learn more about the add-ons integration within eLABInventory.

Developer Add-ons


Integrate or link third party software applications with the eLAB API. The API enables you to retrieve data from eLABInventory to process it in third party applications or to write data in eLABInventory generated by other software systems. Together with the eLAB SDK, you can also customize the functionality according to your requirements. Read the API documentation


Extend the functionality or create custom workflows within eLABInventory with the eLAB SDK. Use JavaScript and the API to create custom options, functions or elements to tailor eLABInventory according to the requirements of your lab. Read more