eLabInventory Mobile App
Use the eLabInventory mobile app to efficiently register and update your lab inventory from your smartphone that autoconnects to your eLabInventory account. with our app you can generate a two-step verification login code to enhance login security for your eLab account. Download the eLabInventory apps for
Apple iOS Android OS

Dymo Label Printer
eLabInventory automatically generates static QR-codes and other barcodes for your samples, instruments, and freezers. Install a Dymo LabelWriter 450 and link it to your account to print these barcode labels. Use the elabInventory Mobile App or dedicated eLabScan barcode scanner to scan barcodes and view all relevant information.


eLabScan Dedicated Barcode Scanner
Use the eLabScan Barcode Scanner for efficient sample handling. Retrieve sample information, track sample quantities, or update sample use and locations within the lab. Automatically log a full sample audit trail and archive discarded tubes. The eLab Barcode scanner also works with external barcodes that can be linked to samples. For more information, download the brochure or contact us .


Generic 2D Barcode Scanners
eLabInventory works with a wide variety of wired or wireless 2D barcode scanners that support the HID interface. Connected to your PC, you will be able to scan your samples and get the information on your screen. In addition, you can update any information by performing one or a series of scans.