eLABInventory Mobile App

eLABInventory has a Mobile App to take advantage of your smartphone or tablet for sample identification. The eLABInventory Mobile app is an extension to the web application and makes you more efficient when accessing sample information by scanning barcodes.

eLABInventory-sample-management-app eLABInventory reservations_android

Inventory Barcode Scanning

With the camera of your mobile device you can scan barcodes of samples, sample series, storage compartments and equipment. Retrieve and display all information of a samples directly on your mobile device. Samples can be archived or moved to another compartment directly with your mobile device.

Device Booking

Scan the 2D barcode of all lab equipment to view existing bookings made by your colleagues or to reserve a device in the lab.

Actvity Stream

With the activity screen you have a chronological list of the most recent events or actions. In the Scan History you can access frequently scanned items open samples or to make equipment bookings.

Enhance Security with Two-Step Verification

Add an additional layer of security to your account with two-step verification also known as 2-factor authentication (2FA). Activating two-step verification with the eLABJournal Mobile App, requires the entry of an additional 6-digit code after login with username and password. After activating two-step verification, a code, that changes every minute is generated on the Mobile App. So even when a password is exposed by a key logger or obtained from a hacked site, the two-step verification secures your account with the two-factor code that can only generated from your mobile device. To make two-step verification easy to use, you will receive a push message to confirm your login request with the Mobile App. See how two-step verification works here.



Besides receiving notifications in the Mobile App about new system updates, you will be notified when samples or consumables in the lab inventory are running out of stock.