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Complement your Eppendorf Freezer with the state-of-the-art sample tracking system eLABInventory*

eLABInventory is a flexible and intuitive sample management system that allows you to track any item, including biological specimen, materials, samples, and chemicals in any freezer in the lab. The system offers a centralized and GLP-compliant solution that keeps an automatic audit trail of items stored in the freezer. Together with Eppendorf, we now have an exclusive promotional offer available.

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EXCLUSIVE PROMOTIONAL OFFER: “Looking to get a new freezer for your laboratory?”

If you now order an Eppendorf CryoCube Freezer, you can complement your Eppendorf Freezer with the sample tracking system eLABInventory without additional costs. In selected regions, Eppendorf has a limited number of promotional vouchers available for a 5-seat eLABInventory license for the period of 1 year*. Interested in this offer, contact us for more information or contact the Eppendorf sales organization directly in the participating regions. If you first want to evaluate eLABInventory, you can start a free trial here. Once you received you voucher, you can redeem here. *This is a limited offer that is subjected to the voucher terms and is only available in the selected regions listed below.

Eppendorf ULT Freezers

Eppendorf offers three lines of freezers to meet a variety of needs: The Eppendorf High-Efficiency ULT Freezers set new milestones in energy efficiency whereas the Eppendorf Innova® ULT Freezers and the Eppendorf ULT Freezers have established a reputation for preserving outstanding sample quality while minimizing energy consumption. Combined with rapid delivery and service, Eppendorf freezers continue to raise the bar. From initial product design to final delivery, Eppendorf freezers meet the highest standards for quality. We want to provide you with high performance, sample safety, and convenience.
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eLABInventory Sample Tracking Software

eLABInventory is the most flexible freezer tracking software. Configure a -80 Freezer with any configuration to track any type of sample. Whether the system is used to track cell lines, strains, or any other specimen stored in the freezer, a custom template can be set-up to store all relevant sample information. eLABInventory keeps a log of all performed sample actions track the full sample audit trail in compliance to CFR 21 part 11 and GLP guidelines.
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United Kingdom

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