Laboratory inventory tracking system

Visual and intuitive tracking of samples stored in any location

Store samples in any storage location present in the lab. Set up freezers, refrigerators, safety cabinets, shelves or cold rooms and customize the entire compartment layout. Add any type and size of compartment and adjust it according to your lab’s needs. Virtualize the entire lab to centralize and organize your lab inventory and easily browse through storage locations to find or store any sample or specimen.


Track any sample information in adjustable sample types templates

Store any type of samples, including cell lines, oligos, blood samples, DNA, RNA, proteins, plant seeds, rodents, tissues, strains, plasmids, chemicals or consumables, and add custom fields to store all relevant information for your samples. Not only can you add fields to enter text, but you can also include datefields and option fields, such as checkboxes, radio buttons, or dropdown menu fields, as well as fields to link samples or attach files.


Quantity Tracking

Track quantities of samples and consumables kept in the lab and receive automatic notification when lab supplies are running out. Consumables and chemicals are automatically added to the central lab’s shopping list to be ordered.