eLABInventory Cloud

Turn-key sample management solution for small labs

For small companies and individual academic labs

eLABInventory Cloud is an off-the-shelf configurable Inventory Management System that is the best solution for customers that do not have the budget or resources to invest in hardware and system maintenance. With an eLABInventory Cloud license, a full service sample management solution is provided to customers around the globe. The eLABInventory Cloud is hosted in multiple ISO-certified data centers with high availability and full redundancy. Data are backed up in real-time and are periodically archived to an off-site encrypted vault. System maintenance, software updates, and support are included in the offered licenses.

eLABInventory Cloud is compatible with eLABInventory Private Cloud or eLABInventory On-Premises and you can upgrade anytime migrate your data as your lab or organisation grows.

Advantages of eLABInventory Cloud

  • Turn-key and fully configurable
  • No upfront investments
  • Hosting in ISO-certified data centers
  • Flexible license plans

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