eLABInventory Private Cloud

A Managed Hosting ELN Solution for Any Organisation

For SME companies and academic institutes

eLABInventory Private Cloud is a customer-specific installation of eLABInventory in an ISO-certified Amazon Web Service (AWS) Cloud datacentre. The eLABInventory Private Cloud can be configured as cloud application or access can be restricted to the IP range of your organisation.

Hosting of eLABInventory as a Private Cloud aligns perfectly if you require a dedicated system installation, while taking advantage of a managed hosting software solution that includes server hosting, system maintenance and monitoring, software updates and data back-ups. The eLABInventory Private Cloud is available in various installation sizes to offer a tailed setup for your organisation or lab.

Advantages of eLABInventory Private Cloud

  • Turn-key Deployed
  • Managed Hosting Solution
  • Hosting in ISO-certified data center
  • SSO/AD FS/LDAP Authentication
  • Optional access restriction based on IP range
  • Flexible Monthly License Plan

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