eLABInventory Software Updates

Based on feedback from our customers, we continuously add new features and improve the functionality of the eLABInventory. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let our customer care team know!

Version: 1.96

From April 2021, we will begin doing business as eLabNext. Visit eLabNext Products Update to review the latest feature and improvement updates.

Version: 1.95

  • Feature: [System Admin] – New system setting to enforce approval of add-ons prior to installation for add-ons that have been fetched from public repositories.
  • Feature: [System Admin] – New system setting to set automatic retrieval of new and add-on updates from public add-on repositories.
  • Improvement: [System Admin] – Improved flow for editing add-ons installed in the system.
  • Improvement: [System Admin] – Add-on assets and installation scope are now automatically set when manually installing an add-on update in the system.
  • Improvement: [System Admin] – Add-on versions are now grouped in the list system installed add-ons.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – The “Apps and Connections” of DYMO, ZPL and Mendeley have been migrated to the marketplace as user add-ons.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Add-ons now display a product compatibiltiy labels for eLABInventory and eLABJournal.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Various visual improvements when loading and installing add-ons in the marketplace.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Improved display of add-ons with eLabConnect support and when the add-on configuration has been set.
  • Improvement: [Documentation] – Documentation V3.0.1. released.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Various minor improvements in the marketplace.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Improved display of the private add-on and changed logic to only display this for add-ons to which access is restricted.
  • Improvement: [System Admin] – Added notice and check when deleting add-ons as a system admin.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Various minor improvements in the marketplace.
  • Improvement: [Marketplace] – Improved add-on configuration dialog to visualize complex configurations correctly.
  • Fix: [Marketplace] – Fix display / styling issues of the add-on configuration in certain cases.
  • Fix: [Marketplace] – Manual updating of add-ons and restricting access to add-ons.
  • Fix: [Marketplace] – Add-ons without restricted access were incorrectly market as being restricted.
  • Fix: [Marketplace] – Fixed issue that prevented the correct upgrading of add-on in certain cases.
  • Fix: [Marketplace] – Improved notice when a user does not have permission to uninstall add-ons.
  • Fix: [Permissions] – Add-on permissions were not displayed in eLABInventory and eLABProtocols.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Linked samples are now correctly displayed when included in custom table view for a sample series.

Version: 1.94

  • Improvement: [Inventory] – Sample Batch Update is now also available for sample series.
  • Improvement: [System Admin] – Archived organisations are removed in the organisation selection dropdown menus in the System Admin Panel (System Admin only).
  • Improvement: [Documentation] – Documentation V2.9 released.
  • Improvement: [API] – Added API call to get the latest file version.
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Sample Batch edit displays popup twice in the Inventory Browser
  • Fix: [Inventory] – Table sorting in the Sample Archive was not working correctly.
  • Fix: [System Admin] – The unit for products in the catalog was not imported correctly (System Admin only).

Version: 1.93

  • Feature: (System Administrators only) New system setting to enable adding or changing of the protocol categories by the system administrator.
  • Feature: (System Administrators only) System Administrator can assign other System Administrators.
  • Improvement: Various improvements on the Sample Batch Import and support for import of the sample expiration date.
  • Improvement: (System Administrators only) Various improvements in the System Admin Batch Sample Import, including support for import from Excel and import of sample parent and sample expiration date.
  • Improvement: The message that blocks the deletion of a group now includes details about any existing equipment.
  • Improvement: Improved performance of API call /api/v1/samples/{sampleID}/metas.
  • Improvement: Updated the SDK to support easy retrieval of the current sample ID.
  • Fix: Custom storage unit types are now correctly created.
  • Fix: (System Administrators only) The license for a user is now set to the active group of a user when generating a license report.
  • Fix: Redefine Advanced Search issue with removing sample fields parameters resolved.
  • Fix: Advanced Search with defined sublayers, returned no results in some cases.
  • Fix: Files are now mapped in the Batch Sample Import when using copy / paste from Excel.

Version: 1.92

  • Improvement: Accounts can only be created with email domain that is registered in the system.
  • Improvement: System and organisation admin can create accounts for users with an email address with a subdomain.
  • Improvement: Support for HL7 format in the API.
  • Feature: Support for installation of a System license by the system administrator.
  • Fix: Sample link is incorrectly displayed when linking multiple samples in a procedure.
  • Fix: Link to procedure on dashboard when a draft procedure is available.

Version: 1.91

  • Improvement: Experiment Browser search now also includes searching for samples linked in the ELN.
  • Improvement: The search in the Experiment List now uses the same search index as the Experiment Browser.
  • Improvement: Support for search based on sample box in the Sample List.
  • Improvement: Searching of samples based on values in options fields can now be done based on the meta field ID.
  • Feature: The option to create a link between experiments has been added.
  • Fix: Cloning of samples with a single quote (‘) in the sample name now works correctly.
  • Fix: Deleting a Sample Series after a search in the Advanced Search works correctly again.

Version: 1.90

  • Improvement: Added support for DataMatrix on Dymo printers.
  • Improvement: Added option to display information in Sample Sections in Sample Form in tabs.
  • Improvement: added support for sorting when bulk editing samples.
  • Improvement: added support for customisation of experiment browser view.
  • Improvement: Added support to display tiff files in sample viewer.
  • Improvement: show confirmation after sending notification as system admin.
  • Improvement: Added checkbox “remember username” instead of auto-completion on username field on login page.
  • Improvement: Increased maximum character count of “name” and “catalog name” fields in Catalog Import.
  • Improvement: Rebuild of the File Storage with improved moving of files and support for moving folders with drag and drop.
  • Improvement: Maximum file size setting is now used to control the size of files uploaded in the File Storage.
  • Improvement: Editing of inserted mathematical formulas in the ELN text section is supported.
  • Improvement: Validation in numeric sample fields now supports ranges with negative numbers.
  • Improvement: Paging on the Sample List is no longer limited to 32 pages.
  • Improvement: The field Other Information has been added to the catalog export of items and as column in the catalog table view.
  • Improvement: Added flow rate (ml/min) as unit for variables in procedure.
  • Fix: Handled html tag sanitization better throughout application.
  • Fix: Fixed error when bulk editing samples date or datetime
  • Fix: Fixed error where path of linked file was not set correctly.
  • Fix: Name of project was mandatory where this should not be the case.
  • Fix: Sample was not saved correctly when linking another sample.
  • Fix: Dropdown menu was not fully displayed when adding a person to a group in admin panel.
  • Fix: Setting “set as active group” was missing for System and Organisation admin when adding an user to existing group.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where exporting equipment to excel resulted in error.
  • Fix: Bulk edit sample was not handled by permission system correctly.
  • Fix: Ordering page did not load results correctly.
  • Fix: Editing a text section that was added from an ELN template now stores the first version correctly.
  • Fix: SAML login issue that caused redirects in the admin panel.
  • Fix: Date in the permissions change log is displayed in the user time zone.
  • Fix: Adding or updating a mathematical formula is now displayed in the change log.
  • Fix: Changing the order of custom fields for Equipment fields is correctly stored again.
  • Fix: Column sorting in Sample List, Inventory Browser, Sample Archive and Advanced Search.
  • Fix: Several fixes in the Advanced Search and Search Lists.
  • Fix: Experiment Browser was not working in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Fix: Images were formatted outside of the sections in protocols.
  • Fix: Barcode was not recognized at the first scan when adding an experiment.
  • Fix: Several issues when handling items that contain special characters.
  • Fix: Improved message and removed typo when adding the same compartment type in the storage unit configuration.

Version: 1.89.0

  • Improvement: The permission to “add collaborators to an experiment” can now be set in the permission settings.
  • Improvement: Add protocol count to protocolcategory in API.
  • Fix: “Add new compartment type” was wrongly showing up in equipment.
  • Fix: Fixed issue giving users permission to delete files that were not stored by them.
  • Fix: Fixed issue showing wrong characters in file names.
  • Fix: Added support to select the printquality when printing DYMO labels to support all drivers.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where the link to a sample did not work correctly when opening a sample listed in the ELN sample section.
  • Fix: Sorting of samples in the sample series was not applied on all samples in series but only to the ones displayed.
  • Fix: Could not set/update/delete profile picture.
  • Fix: The Sample Archive filters were not functioning correctly.

Version: 1.88

  • Improvement: Renaming a custom field of the sample type now also allows changing the field name of exisiting samples.
  • Improvement: The Sample Batch import now supports the display of positions in the corresponding numbering of the selected compartment.
  • Improvement: Barcode for samples is displayed throughout the application with a consistent number of digits.
  • Fix: The quote sign is no longer duplicated when updating the name your the user profile.
  • Fix: The section history in the drawing section was not displayed correctly.
  • Fix: Quantity can now be set on samples recovered from the Sample Archive.
  • Fix: Resolved the incorrect display of the table layout when linking a product from the catalog to a sample.
  • Fix: The functionality to move a file in File Storage with drag-and-drop has been restored.
  • Fix: The API call to create a Storage Unit or Equipment was not working correctly.

Version: 1.87

This update is dedicated to releasing several new features and improvements for procedures and their use in the ELN. At the top of our list of user requests is to introduce the option that enables changing the input values in dynamic elements and once a procedure has been added in the ELN. In this update, we introduced a feature to restart a procedure. This feature, now available in the section menu of procedures, reloads procedure including all setting of dynamic elements. You can find the option to restart a procedure in the section menu of the procedure.

Restart Procedure Electronic Lab Notebook

Other Features and Improvements

  • Feature: Link to the source is included when copying a procedure.
  • Feature: The author of a procedure can now be changed when copying a procedure and is automatically updated when finalizing a procedure.
  • Feature: SDK add-on to enable the adding of samples in the ELN using a barcode scanner.
  • Feature: SDK add-on to enable linking of an external barcode to a compartment.
  • Improvement: the used procedure in the ELN is now displayed in the footer.
  • Improvement: Files attached to a procedure are now added when inserting a procedure template in the ELN.
  • Improvement: New API endpoints and improved some existing API calls for procedure data.
  • Improvement: Sorting Groups is now done alphabetically My Groups.
  • Improvement: Protocol now supports round() function to allow a custom number of digits in fractions.
  • Improvement: The option to find associated samples in the File Storage now also shows samples in the Sample Archive.
  • Improvement: Increased compatibility with some types of load balancers.
  • Improvement: Linking an external barcodes are now also checked for duplication within archived samples.
  • Improvement: Equipment ID and barcode are now included in Equipment Export.
  • Fix: Section headers were not included in the sample PDF export.

Version: 1.86

  • Feature: Message Queue functionality for the SDK, supporting many types of future applications for our own Add-Ons and for 3rd party developers.
  • Feature: Improved the catalog import function and made this available for system admins.
  • Feature: Contents of files linked in the ELN file section are now made searchable.
  • Improvement: Improved performance for procedures with many dynamic fields.

Version: 1.85

Flexible Table Views – Customizable and Improved Equipment, Product Catalog and Shopping List table views.

Along with the rapid growth of our customer base, we have received an increasing number of requests to add or remove columns with relevant data in the table view. Therefore, keeping in mind the preference of our users, we have rebuilt and enabled the adjustment of the table view for each user individually.

Electronic Lab Notebook customizable table view

By removing or adding columns in the Active Table view, users now have full control to modify the table contents and to include standard or custom fields in the table view. In this update, the customizable table views are available for Equipment, Product Catalog and the Shopping List. In addition to customizable table view, we also added sorting handlers, quick filters and paging the every tables. In future updates we will gradually replace all existing tables to the new table structure to offer the same flexibity throughout the application.

eLABJournal update table view

Other Features and Improvements

  • Feature: Product Catalog and Shopping List export was added
  • Feature: Support for using rack scanners, such as the Eppendorf RackScan available as a new add-on.
  • Feature: Support for the Eppendorf SafeCode Consumable add-on to visualize consumable information for stored samples.
  • Improvement: Improved Catalog and Shopping List tables, with filters, sorting and search
  • Improvement: Various API call improvements.
  • Improvement: Several new additions to the SDK.
  • Improvement: Replaced several browser alerts with dialogs.
  • Improvement: Display of the full title of a procedure is now supported in the PDF export.
  • Improvement: Documentation V2.7.

Version: 1.84

  • Improvement: Equipment can now be set as hidden so that it is no longer listed in the Inventory Browser.
  • Improvement: Sorting of the Inventory Browser by type is now also supported for Equipment.

Version: 1.83

  • Feature: Two-step verification can be enforced on System or Organisation Level.
  • Improvement: External barcodes for compartments are included in search.
  • Improvement: Additions to the API and SDK.

Version: 1.82

  • Reporting of equipment use has been added.
  • Feature: New additions to the eLAB SDK to support several new plugins.
  • Improvement: Rebuild of DYMO Print label integration to improve performance and resolve various issues.
  • Improvement: Equipment status update is logged in the equipment log.

Version: 1.81

  • Feature: Equipment status can be set to unavailable.
  • Feature: Project Export is now supported for dedicated installations.
  • Improvement: Rebuild AD FS authentication to a generic SAML authentication supporting OKTA and SimpleSAML.
  • Improvement: Various improvements for the Equipment list including sorting handles, quick filters and search.
  • Improvement: SURFconext authentication now uses new metadata.
  • Improvement: Various new API calls.

Version: 1.80

  • Improvement: SDK plugins support version numbers.
  • Improvement: Release of documentation V2.4.
  • Improvement: Added new API calls and solved in various issues in existing API calls.
  • Improvement: Share public profile is now also removed to comply with GDPR.
  • Improvement: Several improvements in the eLAB SDK.
  • Improvement: Active Group is now automatically set when System Admin or Organisation Admin creates an account

Version: 1.79

  • Improvement: SDK is also accessible for development of plugins in the System Admin Panel.
  • Improvement: Groups are sorted alphabetically when adding a user to a group in the System Admin or Organisation Admin Panel.
  • Improvement: Change log is available for end-users.
  • Improvement: Added indication that system messages can only contain up to 255 characters.
  • Improvement: Several security enhancement to counteract potential cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.
  • Improvement: new API call for sample expiration date.

Version: 1.78

  • Feature: New setting for compartments that enables the adding of sample series and the cloning, moving and importing of samples from top to bottom in a box.
  • Improvement: Improved Sample Type field validation options for text, numeric and file attachment custom fields.
  • Improvement: Paging has been added to the notification inbox.
  • Improvement: Documentation has been updated to version 2.3
  • Improvement: API now supports finding samples based on sample parent and its derived samples.
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements.

Version: 1.77

  • Improvement: GET calls in the API now support more parameters.
  • Various other minor fixes and improvements.

Version: 1.76

  • Feature: Users can now choose which sections are included in an experiment PDF export.
  • Feature: A change log of permissions is now available for each group in the Group Permissions.
  • Feature: New API calls for retrieving samples and storage layers by its barcode.
  • Feature: New API call for bulk adding and updating sample specification (meta) fields.
  • Improvement: Page size in Sample List, Advanced Search and Sample Archive can be increased up to 200 samples.
  • Improvement: eLAB installations in the US cloud now include translations for US English.
  • Improvement: Correct validation of measurement units in the sample quantity API calls.