The eLABInventory offers a MarketPlace with a wide range of powerful add-ons that can be installed to extend the functionality of the eLABInventory. Navigate to Marketplace to see a list of add-ons are available.

The marketplace lists all add-ons that are publicly available within the eLABInventory platform. In addition, private add-ons that have been created specifically for your system, organisation, group or you as a user will also be listed in the marketplace. Note that Private add-ons are labelled accordingly and not available in the marketplace for other organisations, groups or users unless explicitly approved

Developing your own add-on

As a customer, partner or third party, you are welcome to develop an Private add-on. In case your organisation has a Private Cloud or On-Premises installation you can develop and install add-ons. If your lab uses eLABInventory in the public cloud or in case you would like to submit a public add-on, please contact us.